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 Area 1: Integrative Sustainability Management ​


  •  Required: SUMA PS4100 Sustainability Management (3 credits)      

  •  Required: SUMA PS5200 Integrative Capstone Workshop (3 credits)  

  • Approved Integrative Sustainability Management Elective Course (3 credits)

These three courses give students an understanding of the elements of sustainability by teaching them about the complex interactions between natural and social systems which sustainability practitioners must always consider. Students will also learn about the different ways in which “sustainability” is understood.


SUMA PS4100 Sustainability Management

SUMA PS5200 Integrative Capstone Workshop


SUMA PS4030 Hungry City Workshop

SUMA PS4115 Innovative Sustainability Leadership

SUMA PS4130 Sustainable Cities

SUMA PS4310 Practicum in Innovative Sustainability Leadership

SUMA PS4490 Women in Cities: Integrating Needs, Rights, Access and Opportunity into Sustainable Urban Design, Planning and Management

SUMA PS4734 Practicum on Environmental Research

SUMA PS5025 Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Strategy

SUMA PS5150 Energy and Sustainable Development

SUMA PS5170 Sustainable Operations

SUMA PS5180 Writing about Global Science for the International Media

SUMA PS5199 Sustainable Transportation Economy 

SUMA PS5240 Sustainable Agriculture​

SUMA PS5250 Building Resilience in 21st Century Detroit: Roots and Remedies to Racial Injustice

SUMA PS5460 Writing Op-Eds, Small Personal Essays and Blog Posts

SUMA PS5470 Circular Economy for Sustainability Professionals

SUMA PS5525 Consumerism and Sustainability

SUMA PS5690 Environmental Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities

SUMA PS5700 Ethics for Sustainability Management and Finance

SUMA PS5888 Geographies of Environmental Justice and Sustainability

SUMA PS6131 Understanding the SEC Rule: Disclosure Law for Non-Lawyers

SUMA PS6135 Art and Sustainability

Integrative Capstone Workshop [SUMA PS5200]

The Integrative Capstone Workshop serves as the culminating educational experience for students in the M.S. in Sustainability Management Program, designed to integrate the distinct fields of the program’s sustainability management curriculum. Students must draw on both the practical skills and the analytical knowledge they have gained in order to address crucial sustainability management issues as consultants for a real-world client.

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The final reports and briefings from previous editions of the Integrative Capstone Workshop can be found here.

Case Studies Project [SUMA PS4100]

​Over the course of the semester, sustainability masters students wrote case studies about an organization (public, private for-profit, private non-profit) that analyzed its efforts to incorporate environmental sustainability into its organizational structure and practices.  With this assignment,  our students addressed the fundamental challenges facing managers in operationalizing sustainability strategies within routine decision-making processes inside organizations.  These case studies identify best and worst practices for organizational management and make reasonable recommendations for integrating sustainability management into the organization. Additionally, the case studies addressed the applicability of these recommendations to other organizations. 

The case studies project for the Sustainability Management course allows students to apply their knowledge to evaluate the environmental sustainability of companies. The final studies from previous editions of the project can be found here.

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