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Area 3: Physical Dimensions Of Sustainability Management

3 Physical Dimensions of Sustainability Courses (9 CREDITS)       

The physical dimensions requirement teaches students about the connections between environmental inputs (i.e. natural resources) and outputs (i.e. energy), and their effects on the natural environment. The emphasis in this requirement will be on understanding the environmental impacts from organizational activities. The planning, design or architecture courses give students a foundation in planning, design and spatial issues. This is particularly important, as many sustainability initiatives concern land use, buildings and other physical entities.


SUMA PS4030 Hungry City Workshop

SUMA PS4130 Sustainable Cities

SUMA PS4145 Climate Change and Sustainable Water

SUMA PS4147 Water Resources and Climate

SUMA PS4235 The Science of Urban Ecology

SUMA PS4236 Reversing the Biodiversity Crisis

SUMA PS4734 Practicum on Environmental Research Science-Based Solutions for Sustainability

SUMA PS5021 Theory & Practice of Life Cycle Assessment​

SUMA PS5035 GHG Emissions: Measuring and Minimizing the Carbon Footprint

SUMA PS5050 Critical Urban Infrastructure for Sustainable Development

SUMA PS5135 Analysis for Energy Efficiency

SUMA PS5140 Sustainability Science

SUMA PS5162  Responsiveness and Resiliency in the Built Environment

SUMA PS5199 Sustainable Transportation Economy

SUMA PS5205 Geographic Information Systems for Sustainability Management

SUMA PS5210 Solid Waste Management

SUMA PS5230 Earth's Climate System

SUMA PS5240 Sustainable Agriculture

SUMA PS5245 Smart Agriculture for a Changing Climate

SUMA PS5255 Data Analysis & Visualization in Sustainability

SUMA PS5475 Material Flow Analysis for Circular Economy

SUMA PS5770 Sustainable Management of Forests

SUMA PS5805 Equity, Energy and the Built Environment: Current Practices and Future Transitions

SUMA PS6110 Sustainability and Urban Form: Redevelopment, Reuse, and Ecological Design

SUMA PS6130 Management of SEC Climate Disclosure Compliance

SUMA PS6131 Understanding the SEC’s Climate-Related Disclosure Rules and Global ESG Disclosure Regulations

SUMA PS6132 Climate Risk & Scenario Analysis

SUMA PS6135 Art & Sustainability 

SUMA PS6140 Applied Energy Methods in Affordable Housing Development

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