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The M.S. in Sustainability Management program’s students represent a cross-section of the industries and organizations currently incorporating sustainable initiatives into their day-to-day operations as well as those who are looking to make a career switch. The program’s students are dedicated not only to mastering the theory and science of sustainability, they are passionate about putting their education into practice.


Student Groups

Sustainability Management Student Association (SUMASA)

The Sustainability Management Student Association (SUMASA) is a student organization elected to represent the student body of the Columbia University M.S. in Sustainability Management program.

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Build It Green (BIG)

A group of graduate students at Columbia University advocating for sustainability in the built environment.

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Columbia Sustainable Finance Professionals Network (CSFPN)

Columbia Sustainable Finance Professionals Network (CSFPN) is an association of experienced finance professionals with an interest in Sustainable Finance and Investing.

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Student Spotlights


From Fission to Fusion: A Sustainability Student’s Quest for a Greener Future

Brian Kim, a health physicist at Columbia University, is pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability Management to focus on climate solutions. With a background in nuclear engineering from Oregon State, he engages with groups like RESCUE and Build It Green. Inspired by natural disasters, Kim aims to graduate in spring 2025, enhancing his work on safe radioactive material use.


Sustainability Management Student Addresses Gender Disparity in the COP29 Climate Committee

Sanaya Kriplani, a Master’s student in Sustainability Management, highlights the gender disparity in the COP29 climate committee, initially with 28 men and no women, later adjusted to 29 men and 12 women. She stresses that the absence of women in key roles undermines COP29’s legitimacy, as gender diversity is crucial for effective climate policy.


Sustainability Management Student Receives Social Justice Mini-Grant

Kristen Dillard, a Sustainability Management (SUMA) student at the School of Professional Studies, was recently named one of 12 recipients of the annual Social Justice Mini-Grant. She plans to use the mini-grant to acquire production tools and gain skills for her sustainability advocacy podcast, "GreenCoast: Uniting Sustainability and Environmental Justice from East to West".


Frank Agwuncha Is Working, Teaching, and Wrapping Up a Master's in Sustainability

Working as a geologist and in project management at Shell, ignited Frank Agwuncha's passion for sustainability, energy, and climate issues. His attraction to the MS in Sustainability Management (SUMA) program at Columbia SPS stems from its holistic curriculum, which integrates business, science, and environmental studies. He hopes to utilise his degree to re-enter the workforce as a sustainability practitioner and course associate in Cost Benefit Analysis.


Enviroally's Board Games: Gamifying Climate Education for Action

Jiangnan Shen, a student in Columbia University's Sustainability Management program and co-founder of Enviroally, introduced their latest board game, Planet-E, at the COP27 summit. Shen discussed the importance of using board games for climate education, emphasizing their accessibility and effectiveness in engaging players. With games like Pacific Climate Adventures and Planet-E, Enviroally aims to inspire climate awareness and foster collaboration. Both digital and physical versions of the games will be available soon.

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