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Area 5: General And Financial Management

2 Courses in Public, Private, or Nonprofit General or Financial Management (6 CREDITS)       

The general management requirement teaches the skills that are essential to shaping the behavior of an organization and thus to carrying out effective sustainability initiatives. Students will graduate equipped with the tools to shape organizational culture and employee behavior even as new environmental challenges arise. The financial management requirement gives students a foundation in finance and financial models, and an understanding of how environmental commodities markets regulate polluting industries and provide incentives for encouraging desired behaviors. Students will also investigate the credibility of “non-financial metrics” that often accompany sustainability efforts.


SUMA PS5020 Cost Benefit Analysis

SUMA PS5025 Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Strategy

SUMA PS5033 Decision Models & Management

SUMA PS5040 ESG-Aligned Corporate Governance

SUMA PS5060 Sustainable Fashion & Startup Strategy

SUMA PS5142 Sustainable Finance

SUMA PS5155 Energy: Markets and Innovation

SUMA PS5160 Climate Finance and Sustainable Development​ (Online)

SUMA PS5170 Sustainable Operations

SUMA PS5195 Accounting, Finance, and Modeling of Sustainable Investments

SUMA PS5197 Financing the Clean Energy Economy

SUMA PS5220 Sustainable Entrepreneurship

SUMA PS5240 Sustainable Agriculture

SUMA PS5245 Smart Agriculture for a Changing Climate

SUMA PS5320 Sustainable Investing and Economic Growth

SUMA PS5445 Impact Finance for Sustainability Practitioners

SUMA PS5446 Sustainability Value Creation in Private Markets

SUMA PS5470 Circular Economy for Sustainability Professionals

SUMA PS5475 Material Flow Analysis for Circular Economy

SUMA PS5525 Consumerism and Sustainability

SUMA PS5650 Solar Project Development

SUMA PS5700 Ethics for Sustainability Management and Finance

SUMA PS5770 Sustainable Management of Forests

SUMA PS6130 Management of SEC Climate Disclosure Compliance

SUMA PS6131 Understanding the SEC’s Climate-Related Disclosure Rules and Global ESG Disclosure Regulations

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