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Area 4: Public Policy Courses

1 Course in Environmental or Sustainability Policy and Law (3 credits)

Policy shapes how urban environments are managed, and sustainability practitioners must be able to analyze public policy and its effects on what they are able to do. This requirement provides students with an understanding of current policy and strengthens their ability to react to future policy developments as they emerge.


SUMA PS4115 Innovative Sustainability Leadership

SUMA PS4130 Sustainable Cities

SUMA PS4310 Practicum in Innovative Sustainability Leadership

SUMA PS4490 Women in Cities: Integrating Needs, Rights, Access and Opportunity into Sustainable Urban Design, Planning and Management

SUMA PS5169 Sustainability Metrics: Data Construction, and Use 

SUMA PS5250 Building Resilience in 21st Century Detroit: Roots and Remedies to Racial Injustice

SUMA PS5301 International Environmental Law

SUMA PS5690 Environmental Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities

SUMA PS5701 Water Governance

SUMA PS5720 Policy and Legal Context for Sustainability Management

SUMA PS5725  Business and Climate Change: Law, Policy, and Practice

SUMA PS5888 Geographies of Environmental Justice and Sustainability

SUMA PS6110 Sustainability & Urban Form

SUMA PS6115 Environmental Law and Policy in New York

SUMA PS6120 Equity, Policy, and Sustainability

SUMA PS6125 Fashion Policy and the Politics of Government Action

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