This program is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in management that takes into account both the environment and the economy. Graduates transform how organizations do business by formulating and implementing sustainability strategies. The coursework combines the study of management with classes in state-of-the-art sustainability practice and science, with full-time and part-time options for those with current professional obligations.

Those with an undergraduate STEM degree may also be interested in the 

MS in Sustainability Science


Mayor Eric Adams announces New York City climate leadership team

Columbia University professor and Director of the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management, Steve Cohen, breaks down Mayor Eric Adams' priorities on climate change.

Let’s Build a Train From Brooklyn to Queens and Someday to the Bronx

Let’s build that interborough train line and once it’s up and running, build a second phase to the Bronx.

Building an American Political Consensus Behind Environmental Sustainability

When environmental protection was a barely noticed issue on the political agenda, it was able to achieve massive support from the American public.

Reality check on cotton tote bags and their environmental impact

Good Morning America features  Steve Cohen, the Director of the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management, to discuss the environmental impact of reusable bags. 

The Pivot Toward Sustainability Finance

My hope is that even if a conservative American national government abdicated climate leadership once again, the market forces we saw in 2021 will be too deeply established to deter.

Earth Day Urgency

Professor Steve Cohen writes about achieving sustainability.


"We are nowhere close to achieving the transition to environmental sustainability, but the process is well underway here in the United States. To achieve this, we need to think about our shared values rather than our differences."


To RSVP for skill-building seminars, science writing coaching and career counseling sessions, students should log into their account on the Earth Institute Job List (Your user name is your UNI_ei. Your UNI password will not work, you will need to create a unique password). Go  to “Events”; “Workshops” and register for the events that interest you. For more information please email us.

Individual Sustainability Career Counseling Sessions

Facilitated by career coach Cathy Gibbons, these sessions are meant to provide you with feedback on resumes and cover letters, and other forms of personalized assistance in your job search. Sign up will close on the Monday of the previous week.

Cathy Gibbons has over seventeen years of experience as a career advisor. She has maintained a private practice while working at Columbia Center for Career Education. Cathy was also the Director of Alumni and Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) Career Services at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Cathy specializes in career advising for graduate students and alumni. Her career advising practice is informed by her many years of experience as a director of human resources and staff development for national and international non-profits where Cathy oversaw staff recruitment and all areas of talent management. In this capacity she helped staff to build competencies, manage their careers within organizations and to make career transitions. She has had the great fortune to have lived and worked in Africa, Asia and Europe.

30 minute slots from 5:00-7:30PM Tuesday-Thursday, 9-10AM Saturday, and 11AM-Noon Sundays.

Science Writing Coaching with Claudia Dreifus

Would you like to produce blog posts that win large audiences and opinion pieces that newspapers and magazines will want to publish? The Earth Institute is offering free one-on-one science writing coaching with prize-winning science journalist Claudia Dreifus, contributor to the New York Times and the New York Review of Books and professor in the Masters of Sustainability Management program. Professor Dreifus will be available on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:30PM for 30-minute coaching sessions. She will also be available by special appointment on other days. You can request a special appointment via email. Sign up will close on the Thursday of the previous week.


Students should come prepared with a written draft on a science or sustainability topic to discuss. They will receive coaching assistance on how to write a persuasive opinion or blog piece on that topic. The purpose of these sessions will be to help students turn their academic work/personal scientific and sustainability interests into a form that can find another audience. Note that these sessions will not be appropriate for students seeking help in the following areas: i) writing an academic piece for a course; ii) copyediting/rewriting; iii) helping students with written English. The Columbia University Writing Center is available as an additional resource for those topics.

MS. in Sustainability Management Class of 2021

The Earth Institute and the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University are proud to celebrate the graduates of the Sustainability Management program.  Congratulations to the Class of 2021!


The Sustainability Space Series 

The Sustainability Space is a series of virtual, discussion-based events for students studying sustainability at The Earth Institute, Columbia University. Hosted by faculty and student group leaders, these discussions explore a variety of critical topics, ranging from energy to equity and more.

Asset Owners, Sustainability, and Inclusion

Fireside Chat on Sustainable Fashion and Beauty

Sustainable Mass Transit

The Energy Sector

Improving Equity

The Ethics of Sustainability in Global Fashion

Nurturing Green Shoots - Directing Capital Into Sustainable Finance

Integrity in Corporate Governance to Achieve Sustainability

Coastal Sustainability

Climate Fiction, Future Cities

An Approach to Sustainable Business with Soapply Founder