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Accelerated Program  

Sustainable Development (B.A.) and

Sustainability Management (M.S.)

Undergraduates in the Sustainable Development program of Columbia University are uniquely prepared for this graduate program, having undertaken interdisciplinary studies focused on the natural and social sciences, and the theory and practice of sustainable development. Students develop expertise in critical areas, such as food, water, health and climate change, and are they trained in important skill areas such as economic analysis and GIS modeling.

Building upon the strong foundation of their undergraduate coursework, students who are accepted into the Sustainability Management program will learn to draw from interdisciplinary perspectives in general and financial management, quantitative analysis, public policy, and the physical dimensions of sustainability. Students will receive practical professional training to help them to understand the systematic and organizational role of sustainability in any organization.


Admitted undergraduate students may take up to two Sustainability Management courses that count toward the master’s degree during their senior year. These courses will be accepted for advanced standing in the Sustainability Management but may not be counted toward students’ undergraduate degree requirements. These courses are:​

  1. SUMA PS4100 Sustainability Management

  2. One Approved Physical Dimensions of Sustainability Course.

Click here for a sample schedule.

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